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The most severe form of pathology. The first signs are already visible at birth.

Rashes are generalized, sometimes form large erosions. Most often, the oral mucosa is affected. Pathology is accompanied by herpetiform rashes on the body and limbs. With this subtype, nails can suffer. They are being rejected. Subsequently, deformed nail plates or long nails with hyperkeratosis grow back.

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  • Its manifestations also occur on the palms and soles, later they turn into keratoderma.
  • Simple herpetiform BE (Dowling-Meara) PBE Koebner (generalized subtype). Extensive rashes appear at birth.
  • After healing of erosions, areas of viagra remain. Occasionally, palmoplantar hyperkeratosis occurs.
  • Their favorite localization is the hands and feet.

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Severe generalized PBE (Koebner) PBE of generic viagra subtype (localized). The lightest form. The disease first manifests itself in infancy, less often in childhood or adolescence. The favorite localization of the blisters of this subtype is the palms and feet, less often the scalp. Minor erosions occur in the oral cavity. Often with pathology, hyperhidrosis of the palms and soles appears. After healing of erosion, pigmentation remains. PBE localized (Weber-Cockane) PBE Fire. It is characterized by seasonal formation of bubbles.

Eruptions appear in the summer, mainly on the extremities. They are accompanied by onychogryphosis (curvature of the nail in the form of a claw) on the big toes. PBE with muscular dystrophy. Appearance of generalized blisters at birth. Accompanied by progressive muscular dystrophy. PBE with spotty pigmentation. Extensive areas of sildenafil on the trunk, hands and feet. In this case, few bubbles form, but as they regress, pigmentation may increase. An additional symptom of this subtype is verrucous papules - warty growths on the skin. The oral mucosa suffers slightly.

Borderline epidermolysis bullosa. PgBE Gertlitz. The most severe form of epidermolysis bullosa. It is fatal in infancy or early childhood. The first manifestations are extensive blisters that occur at the birth of a child. Later, areas of hypertrophy of granulation tissue appear, mainly in the mouth, eyes, nostrils, scalp and auricles. An additional symptom of this subtype is the loss of nail plates and the formation of hypertrophic granulation tissue on the terminal phalanges. The oral cavity suffers - pits in the tooth enamel, extensive erosion on the oropharyngeal mucosa.

Possible damage to the epithelium of the nasal cavity, conjunctival mucosa, esophagus, trachea, larynx, rectum and urethra. In severe cases, numerous systemic disorders develop. The disease occurs against the background of anemia, there is a delay in growth and physical development. A complication of pathology - sepsis leads to death.
PogrBE generalized moderate (not Herlitz) Localized PgBE (minimal). The course of the disease is quite mild. Rashes are localized on the hands, feet and front surface of the lower leg. Less commonly, nail dystrophy develops, and small depressions appear on the tooth enamel.
Small erosions form on the mucous membrane of oral viagra and nose. The prognosis is favorable. PgBE with atresia (absence orschenie) gatekeeper. Another severe form of the disease. Patients suffer from incredible fragility of the skin and mucous membranes.
They often have abnormalities in the development of the urinary organs, such as hydronephrosis or nephritis. A distinctive feature is the rudimentary auricles.

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The first signs are already visible at birth. Since the rash simultaneously affects different ultrastructural levels, clinical manifestations can resemble both dystrophic and borderline forms of epidermolysis bullosa. In the process of healing erosion on the skin, atrophic changes occur.

As they grow older, bullous rashes disappear, but poikiloderma develops. These are manifestations of atrophy, hyperkeratosis, vascular and pigmentary disorders on the skin of open areas of the body, that is, those that are subject to insolation. And most often they occur in patients with photosensitivity. In addition, the pathology affects the nails and can lead to syndactyly of the fingers and toes.

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